Street Pastors come from right across the Christian community, and can be anyone who:

• is 18 years old or over (No upper age limit)
• has been committed to a Christian Fellowship for more than a year
• obtains a positive reference from their Church leader/Minister
• Undergo a CRB check
• Has completed the 12 day Street Pastors Training Course

The commitment of men will be central to the success of the Street Pastors Initiative, given the lack of positive role models and mentors for young men from an early age.


1. Applicants must attend the Street Pastors Training Course, run across twelve Saturdays from 9:30am - 3pm over a period of 7 months.

2. After attendance on the first, introductory part of the course (comprising the first four Saturdays), Street Pastors will be grouped and roles established. If sufficient Street Pastors are recruited in a locality, a mid-week team will also be considered.

3. Street Pastors will work in teams of twelve, divided into three groups of four.

4. Each Street Pastors group of four will be expected to work from 10pm - 4am, a minimum of once per month.

5. Street Pastors will be issued with a coat, shirt and cap, summer and winter uniform, which have “Street Pastor” written on them. These should only be worn by a Street Pastor whilst on duty. Street Pastors will also be given an introduction card and a Bible.

6. Each on-duty Street Pastors team will patrol the streets and visit local pubs, night clubs and parties in their locality and seek to build a relationship with everyone, e.g: shop keepers, local schools, businesses, families, local police, youth clubs and their leaders etc. Street Pastors is about dialoguing with people, listening and gaining knowledge of local concerns.