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Street Pastors Crawley has been in operation since January 2009. Dressed in a distinctive blue uniform, this team of dedicated Christian volunteers called Street Pastors are already on the frontline of many cities war against crime and violence and antisocial behaviour working with local authorities and community groups to create a better living environment for everyone.
Street pastors began as one response to a rise in gang, gun and drug culture in urban settings in the UK aiming to be a positive influence on the streets of our cities.
Dressed in a Street Pastor blue jacket and baseball cap, the team is composed of male and female members from all cultures and backgrounds patrolling the streets of Crawley every Friday night, engaging with people from all walks of life by calling into a number of takeaway shops, pubs.  The aim is to engage with the community by listening, helping, serving, caring - simply because we care about the people in our community.

You will see us 11pm -2 am alternate Fridays in the Town centre and alternate Saturday afternoons at Broadfield Barton, mid afternoons.

Please feel free to browse this site and visit us again as we develop the site or get in touch with us to find out more about the work and how you can be involved.